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The 180 Degree Protractor has easy to read numbers and is made of transparent and durable plastic. Fluently measure angles from both sides. Perfect for use in the home or classroom. Ideal for educational use, this handy clear plastic protractor lets students measure and mark angles with ease. It's great for geometry classes, as well as graphic design, with a sturdy clear plastic construction that makes it easy to see the paper underneath. The scale is numbered at 10-degree intervals with 1-degree marks up to 180 degrees, giving students precision when drawing or measuring. Degree protractor measures 0 to 180 degrees left to right and right to left. Appropriate size to use for geometry drawing and math class.




  • Material-plastic
  • Can be used for measuring and making angles up to 180 degrees.
  • Diameter: 10cm
  • Half-circle: 180 degrees
  • Clockwise and anti-clockwise degree scale
  • Markings to 1 degree, numbered every 10 degrees.

Protractor 180 degree


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