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Premier Stationery is a global trading company working with customers and suppliers internationally to provide the best quality assurance and cost competitive solutions to product sourcing.


Premier Stationery commenced its operations in 1982 in Australia. Today Premier Stationery, due to the dedication of its staff, market leading suppliers, and importantly the valued support of its customers, has broadened its operations internationally. Today, we have many global strategic trading partners and supply contracts crossing international trade lines.


Premier Stationery has grown to provide both branded and bespoke OEM products for customers globally. With our strategic relationships and global representation through our own offices, we can provide a local solution with global knowledge.


Premier Stationery has an ability to supply FOB, FIS, FIW, DC, Cross Dock or JIT, and any other required method. The company uses the best EDI software to provide ASN’s and full paperless ordering and invoicing. Premier Stationery has the expertise and ability in the development, sourcing, warehousing, logistics and distribution, marketing and customer support of various products and commodities.

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