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Math’s geometry tools are useful tools in architecture, engineering, arts, designing and school use. The instruments are designed to give attention to detail so that they meet the precise specifications of standard instruments for perfect result. The instruments are easy to handle and facilitate comfortable grip for smooth and longtime use. They are made up of strong material which is brushed and polished to make them long lasting.  You can send them to your friends and classmates. The scale is clear and durable. You can use the geometry protractors to get the angle and length quickly. Easy to carry in bag, pencil case, math tool case, backpack, etc. Degree protractor math geometry tool measuring range: protractor measures 0 to 180 degrees left to right and right to left. Appropriate size to use for geometry drawing and math class.




  • With clear scale.
  • High quality.
  • A necessity for most students.
  • Package:4pcs
  • 1pcs 15cm Rulers
  • 2pcs 10cm Set Squares
  • 1pcs Protractor

Mathematical Instrument Set 4pcs


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