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The "VEHICLE LOGBOOK 64 PAGE" is designed for recording and maintaining vehicle-related information. Compact size, measuring 180 x 110mm, suitable for easy storage in a vehicle's glove compartment or other small spaces. Contains 64 pages, which results in 32 double-sided leaves. This setup allows for the recording of vehicle-related data across multiple entries. Specifically designed for maintaining records related to vehicle usage, maintenance, mileage, fuel consumption, service details, or other pertinent information. Stapled binding, which secures the pages together and ensures that the logbook remains intact and organized. Indicates that the product is sold in packs of 10 logbooks, providing multiple copies for various vehicles or for extended use. Offers a structured format for logging information, likely including sections for date, odometer readings, purpose of the trip, fuel consumption, maintenance records, and other relevant details. The compact size and stapled binding make it convenient for drivers or vehicle owners to keep track of information while on the go. Some logbooks are designed to comply with specific regulatory requirements or for tax purposes, ensuring accurate records for compliance with laws or regulations. Allows for organized and systematic recording of vehicle-related data, facilitating easy reference, analysis, or reporting. It serves as a structured and convenient tool for individuals or businesses to maintain accurate records of vehicle usage, maintenance, and related information, contributing to efficient management and compliance with regulatory or tax requirements.




  • Dimension: 180 x 110mm
  • Page: 64
  • Leaf: 32
  • Binding Type: Stapled
  • Pack of 10


SKU: 7023083
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