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Premier USB Drive - 32GB Black

SKU: 18805384
  • A USB drive is an appropriate mode of digital storage, where backing up your data has become a decisive task. Since these gadgets are physically small and portable, USB drives allow you to move heaps of information from your computer to a safe physical location. USB drives with a metal covering are usually a safe bet if you want to be guaranteed that your data won’t be lost due to physical damage caused by wear and tear of the device. This classical swivel model consists of aluminum plate and plastic body, giving people simple and steady impression. The premier 32GB USB pen drive is a high-speed and stylish drive which allows you to quickly transfer high-resolution photos, videos and other large files. The pen drive has special features like high storage capacity, smart & sleek designs and easy access to any operating system. USB drive with metal housing that you can customize with a logo, text or image of your choice.


    • Easy plug and play installation
    • No external power is required
    • Data retention-More than 10 years
    • High speed performance-More than 1,000,000 times data encryption
    • USB 2.0 Interface
    • 32 GB
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