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The botany book, with 18mm ruled lines and 55gsm paper, would be suitable for notetaking, drawing diagrams, or any other kind of written work were having specific line spacing is beneficial. The lightweight paper suggests it's intended for writing rather than heavy-duty use. This botany book is designed with specific features suitable for writing and organizing botanical information or notes. Paper 55gsm indicates the thickness and durability of the paper. 55gsm is relatively lightweight paper. A4, which is a standard paper size commonly used worldwide. A4 paper measures 210 x 297mm. Ruled, meaning the pages have horizontal lines to assist with neat writing and organizing content. 18mm, indicating the spacing between the ruled lines. This defines the height of each line on the page. Red margin lines are present. These lines might serve as guidelines or demarcations for specific content placement. The book contains 64 pages. There are 32 leaves in the book. In bookbinding, a leaf refers to a single sheet of paper. Since each leaf has two pages (one on the front, one on the back), a 32-leaf book would have 64 pages. Stapled, suggesting that the pages are bound together using staples. White, indicating the color of the paper used in the book.




  • Paper Weight: 55gsm
  • Size: A4
  • Dimension: 210 x 297mm
  • Layout: Ruled
  • Line Size: 18mm
  • Margin: Red
  • Page: 64
  • Leaf: 32
  • Binding Type: Stapled
  • Paper Colour: White


SKU: 7096913
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