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A spiral notepad with 7mm ruled lines, 80gsm paper weight, 120 pages, and A5 size provides a practical and versatile platform for organized and structured notetaking, catering to the needs of different users in academic, professional, or personal settings. The 7mm ruled lines provide a structured guideline for writing or note-taking, offering enough spacing for comfortable writing while maintaining a neat and organized appearance. It's suitable for tasks that require a more condensed or smaller ruled format.The 80gsm paper weight indicates durability and thickness, ensuring that the paper can handle various writing instruments without ink bleed-through or tearing easily. It provides a smooth writing surface for pens, pencils, or markers. With 120 pages available, this notepad offers a substantial amount of space for notetaking, journaling, brainstorming, or any other tasks requiring multiple pages. It allows for long-term usage before needing replacements. The ruled format caters to various users, including students, professionals, writers, or anyone who needs a structured guideline for notetaking, planning, outlining, or organizing thoughts. Twin spiral binding allows the notepad to lie flat, enabling easy access to each page and providing a comfortable writing surface without obstruction from the binding. It also ensures the durability of the notepad.  Suitable for both professional environments, where structured notetaking or documentation is essential, and personal use, such as journaling, creative writing, or making lists. The white paper color offers a clean and neutral background, enhancing the visibility of written content and making it suitable for various writing tasks.




  • Paper Weight: 80gsm
  • Size: A5
  • Dimension: 148 x 210mm
  • Layout: Ruled
  • Line Size: 7mm
  • Page: 120
  • Binding Type: Twin Spiral
  • Paper Colour: White


SKU: 7090910
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