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Premier Professional Clipboard Storage Black

SKU: 66109
  • About PREMIER Files and Folders: Feel more confident when you're making a presentation, more in control of your environment when organizing paper work, and more certain of where you put that achieved document when you're storing things for the long haul with Premier. This clipboard has a sturdy self-locking latch, which fastens your items and easy to open with one hand. Snap closure can keep one's info safer and more private. Storage Clipboard top opens to a filing space beneath to store loose papers, broachers, and documents. Clipboard has two storage internal compartment, the bigger one could hold up to 50pcs A4 papers, to keep your document organized and makes sure your documents are in right place and second one internal compartment for pens and pencils.


    • Durable hard plastic ensures a sturdy writing area.
    • Wire clip keeps documents secure.
    • Black A4 professional series
    • Portable, sleek design
    • Easy to Carry
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