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    Premier Paper Clips Silver 28 MM - Box 100

    SKU: 18805311
    • Premier Paper Clips are durable since they are made from high quality steel. They can be used to hold sheets of paper together. Keep your important documents and papers safe with these pocket friendly Premier paper clips. The paper clips are made of high-quality solid and durable iron, very easy and good to re-use. Coated with nickel, our paper clips are rust free, stainless, anti-scratch, you don’t need to worry the paper clips causing any dirt or scratches to you documents or whatever your usage might be. Our paper clips provide strong pinch forces to hold your documents together, make sure your documents do not fall apart.  The Paper clips can be used for stationery, fasteners, envelops, and more. They are made of steel wire bent to a looped shape. Apt for office, school or home. The paperclips slide easily into place, making it securely fasten papers together, and they can be removed effortlessly for full, easy access to your documents at any time. Unlike staples that poke holes through paper, the clips help maintain the integrity of your personal or professional papers.


      • Measure: 28 mm.
      • Each box contains 100 paper clips.
      • One paper clip can hold approx. 30 sheets of paper.
    • The minimum order quantity is 250 boxes.

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