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A Carbonless Docket Book with 50 leaves is a specialized type of stationery used for creating multiple copies of handwritten or printed documents without the need for carbon paper. It is commonly used in business and administrative settings for creating invoices, receipts, delivery notes, purchase orders, and other transaction-related documents. Unlike traditional carbon paper, carbonless docket books use special paper that transfers marks made on the top sheet onto subsequent sheets without the mess of carbon. These copies are created simultaneously as the original document is written or printed on the top sheet. The term "50 leaf" refers to the total number of sheets in the docket book. Since each sheet creates multiple copies, the book will have a total of 50 sets of copies. Docket books often come with pre-printed serial numbers or spaces for manual numbering, allowing for easy organization and tracking of documents. The edges of the sheets are usually perforated, making it easy to tear off individual copies without damaging the remaining sheets in the book. Docket books bound at the top or side, allowing for convenient flipping and writing on individual sheets. For companies delivering goods, carbonless docket books help create delivery notes. Service providers, such as mechanics or repair technicians, use docket books to create work orders detailing the services provided. Docket books are useful for any situation where a business or individual needs to keep a written record of a transaction, agreement, or order. Carbonless docket books are a practical solution for businesses that require instant duplication of handwritten or printed documents, improving efficiency and record-keeping accuracy.




  • Page Colours: White
  • Page header: Date, To, From
  • Docket Entries: 12
  • Page Numbered: Yes
  • Carbonless: Yes
  • Page per Set: 2
  • Sets: 25
  • Total pages: 50
  • Dimension: 120 x 125mm
  • Pack of 20


SKU: 7047314
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