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The docket book is a compact notebook designed for recording various transactions or details. It provides space for 12 entries per page and is sold in sets of 25, totaling 50 pages. The absence of carbonless technology means that duplicate copies are not created automatically; each entry is made on a single page. The pages are numbered and feature a header section for organizing information. The pages inside the docket book are white in color. Each page in the docket book includes a header section for writing the date, recipient ("To"), and sender ("From") information. Each page includes space for 12 docket entries, allowing users to record various details or transactions. The pages in the docket book are numbered for easy reference and organization. Unlike carbonless duplicate pads, this docket book does not create duplicate copies automatically. Each entry is recorded on a single page. Each set consists of two pages, likely meaning that each page in the docket book is paired with another page. The docket book is sold in sets, with each set containing 25 pairs of pages (50 pages in total). The docket book contains a total of 50 individual pages. Each page in the docket book measures 120 millimeters (mm) in width and 125 mm in height.




  • Page Colours: White
  • Page header: Date, To, From
  • Docket Entries: 12
  • Page Numbered: Yes
  • Carbonless: No
  • Page per Set: 2
  • Sets: 25
  • Total pages: 50
  • Dimension: 120 x 125mm


SKU: 7055023
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