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    Premier Laminating Pouches A4 100 Micron - 100 Sheets

    SKU: 18800387
    • The Premier Laminating Pouches can be used to laminate photos, notices, ID cards, licenses and more. Preserve your important documents from damage, spills and dirt with our premier laminating pouches. These laminating pouches have a striking glossy finish and are compatible with all brand laminating machines, making them an adjustable addition to any stationary closet. It features UV protection to prevent your documents from fading. These laminating pouches are easy to use, you just need to insert any paper or document into the pouch and run the document through your laminator to create a permanent seal.

      • 100 Micron
      • A4 Size
      • 100 Sheets Per Box
    • The minimum order quantity is 5 Packs.

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