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This grid book is particularly useful for mathematical calculations, geometry, graphing, or any other tasks requiring precise measurements or graphical representation due to the grid layout with a 10mm grid size. Engineers, architects, or individuals involved in technical fields might use it for precise drawings, diagrams, blueprints, or technical sketches due to the grid layout that helps maintain accuracy. The grid format is suitable for organizing data, creating tables, charts, or spreadsheets, facilitating data analysis or comparison. Artists, designers, or individuals involved in creative pursuits might utilize the grid layout for planning, sketching, designing patterns, or creating intricate artworks with a structured approach. Students or educators might use it for various educational purposes, such as practicing handwriting, learning to draw shapes or graphs, or for school projects requiring structured layouts. The grid format can be utilized for organized notetaking, making lists, organizing thoughts, or creating mind maps. It can be used for project planning, creating timelines, storyboarding, or outlining plans due to the structured grid layout. The features of the Eco Grid Book, including the grid layout with a 10mm grid size, A4 size, and adequate page count, make it suitable for tasks requiring precise measurements, structured organization, or graphical representation. The book's purpose is more specialized toward tasks where the grid format provides an advantage, such as in technical, mathematical, artistic, or organizational applications.




  • Type: Grid Book
  • Binding: Stapled
  • Paper Weight: 70gsm
  • Size: A4
  • Dimension: 210 x 297mm
  • Layout: Grid
  • Grid Size: 10mm
  • Page: 48
  • Leaf: 24
  • Paper Colour: White


SKU: 7107526
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