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An exercise book ruled 55GSM with 192 pages is a specific type of school or office supply. These exercise books are commonly used by students for various subjects. They are suitable for writing notes, practicing exercises, or doing homework. In office environments, similar books can be used for taking meeting notes, jotting down important information, or brainstorming ideas. 192 pages provide ample space for writing without the book becoming too bulky or heavy. It strikes a balance between being lightweight for easy handling and durable enough to prevent ink from bleeding through the pages.

The pages are typically ruled, meaning they have horizontal lines across them. This helps in writing neatly and organizing content. The choice of binding affects the book's durability and ease of use. The cover is made of thicker paper or cardboard to provide some protection to the pages inside. It has a coating for added durability and aesthetics. The size determines the portability and the amount of content that can be written on each page. These exercise books are usually cost-effective, making them accessible to a wide range of users. Ruled pages help in organizing thoughts, notes, and calculations neatly. Suitable for various purposes, including education, work, or personal use. Widely available in stationery stores, making it easy to purchase replacements when needed. For students, having a dedicated book for each subject can aid in revision and studying. These exercise books use recycled paper, making them environmentally conscious choices.




  • Paper Weight: 55gsm
  • Size: A4
  • Dimension: 210 x 297mm
  • Layout: Ruled
  • Line Size: 8mm
  • Page: 192
  • Leaf: 96


SKU: 7023099
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