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This feint ruled exercise book with 55gsm paper, and 240 pages is versatile and can be used for a wide range of educational, professional, creative, and personal purposes. The pages are lightly ruled with feint lines, providing a guide for writing without being too prominent or restrictive. Feint ruling is versatile and suitable for both writing and drawing tasks. This weight indicates a relatively lightweight paper, making it easy to write on with pens or pencils. This ample page count allows for extensive notetaking, drawing, or other creative activities without needing to switch to a new book too frequently. This exercise book is suitable for students of all ages. It can be used for class notes, homework, math problems, science experiments, and other academic purposes. Professionals can use this exercise book for meetings, brainstorming sessions, project planning, or general notetaking during work-related activities. It's great for personal journaling, keeping track of goals, writing down ideas, or sketching. Artists and designers can use this book for sketching, doodling, drafting designs, or jotting down creative ideas. The exercise book can be used for organizing thoughts, making to-do lists, tracking expenses, or any other task that requires systematic recording. Teachers can use these books for lesson planning, grading, or creating handouts. The ample pages allow for detailed planning and documentation. Ideal for students preparing for exams. The feint ruling helps in organizing study notes neatly, making it easier to review and revise. Suitable for practicing handwriting, learning new languages, or improving writing skills due to the structured ruling.




  • Paper Weight: 55gsm
  • Dimension: 225 x 175mm
  • Layout: Feint Ruled
  • Line Size: 8mm
  • Page: 240
  • Leaf: 120


SKU: 7055100
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