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    Premier Dry Erase Pockets

    SKU: 18805423
    • The reusable dry erase pocket saves paper by allowing you to use the same worksheets repeatedly. Dry- erase pockets can be easily cleaned with a soft dry cloth or eraser when used with a dry erase marker. Students can easily practice math problems, letters, writing skills and more. Allows you to reuse worksheet pages to eliminate paper waste and save on paper money and time. The reusable dry erase pockets can be used by students of all ages. The pockets are clear on both sides, so you can insert templates or worksheets that are specific to the activity they need to work on. Using the dry erase pockets in a classroom setting will eliminate the task of creating multiple copies of worksheets, saving both time and money–this study aid allows teachers to reuse templates over and over since they stay clean and protected within the pocket. Use low-odor dry erase markers or dry erase crayons for the best results. The top eyelet allows for convenient hanging. These reusable dry erase pockets have two distinct features that make them stand-out. First, the clear material is made of extra-thick super heavyweight material which is protected by a colorful, premium quality cloth-stitched border. This durable construction makes them stand-up to daily use by students. Second, unique to this specific style of pocket, there is an additional easy load opening on the right side of the pocket that extends approximately half-way down the side. The easy-load design makes it easier for children to load letter-size worksheets into the holders. The sturdy construction and dry erase technology combine to create an economical study tool for students to use.


      1. Made from 100% Non-Toxic material confirms to EU and US safe regulations.

      2. Easily wipe clean with No Ghosts left.

      3. Scratches and dust free control during whole production.

      4. Provide product combination with dry erase markers, erasers, book rings and more.

      5. Provide Ready-to-use practice worksheets.


      • Pack of 10
      • Paper size A4
      • Improves skills.
      • Environmentally friendly
      • Cleans easy.
      • Saves money.
      • Assorted colours
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