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An exercise book with 18mm dotted thirds offers several advantages, especially for specific types of activities or users. The 18mm dotted thirds provide a spacious layout, making it ideal for practicing handwriting, calligraphy, or letter formation. The larger size allows for better control and precision in forming letters and shapes. The dots act as subtle guides without imposing strict lines, allowing for creative freedom. The dotted thirds can assist in creating geometric shapes, graphs, or precise diagrams in mathematics. The 18mm spacing provides enough room to draw accurate shapes and annotate them clearly. The larger size of the exercise book (225 x 175mm) coupled with the 18mm spacing can be advantageous for individuals with visual impairments or motor skill difficulties. The increased space and clearly defined dots may make it easier for them to write or draw. The dotted thirds can help in creating structured notes or organized lists. Users can create customized layouts, such as bullet journals or planners, utilizing the dots as markers for structuring information. With 55gsm paper weight and 48 pages (24 leaves), the exercise book strikes a balance between durability and usability. It's substantial enough to withstand regular use without easily tearing or wearing out. The dot grid layout is versatile, suitable for various tasks, including notetaking, project planning, brainstorming, or even as a personal journal. Overall, the 18mm dotted thirds exercise book offers a balance between structure and freedom, making it useful for individuals with different needs, whether for educational purposes, creative endeavors, or personal organization.




  • Paper Weight: 55gsm
  • Dimension: 225 x 175mm
  • Layout: Dotted Thirds
  • Line Size: 18mm
  • Page: 48
  • Leaf: 24


SKU: 7012157
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