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Check ticket books, with 100 sets in a box of 72, refer to a supply of numbered tickets used for various purposes such as raffles, events, admission, or as a tracking mechanism. These are likely consecutively numbered tickets used primarily for tracking, control, or entry purposes. The tickets come in various colors, offering the possibility of organizing or categorizing different sections, dates, or types of events easily. This indicates that these check ticket books are packaged in a box containing 72 sets. Each set might consist of multiple individual tickets (e.g., 1 set could include 5 tickets), and the box contains 100 of these sets. These check ticket books are versatile and can serve various purposes depending on the specific needs of the user or event organizer. The assorted colors could help differentiate between various sections, days, or types of tickets for ease of management. Providing attendees with sequentially numbered tickets for entry into an event. Issuing tickets as entries for a raffle, with the numbered tickets serving as the participants' entries. These tickets can be used to monitor attendance, track inventory movement, or manage access to specific areas. The assorted colors might allow for differentiating between different days, sessions, or types of attendees. The numbering on the tickets is crucial for both tracking and verification purposes. As the tickets are consecutively numbered, they can be used to maintain a record of attendees or track the sequence of transactions or activities. Overall, checking ticket books serve as a simple, tangible method for maintaining order, tracking, and organizing events or activities in various settings.




  • Type: Check Tickets
  • Colour: Assorted (Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, and Black)
  • Box of 72


SKU: 7012477
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