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A "Quotation Book Carbonless" offers specific features tailored for creating and keeping records of quotations or price estimates. A4 size, measuring 210 x 297mm, conforming to the standard international paper size for documents, providing ample space for detailed quotations or estimates.Contains 100 pages (50 leaves), indicating that each page in the book is carbonless, providing a duplicate copy for each quotation or estimate written. The carbonless feature allows for immediate duplication without the use of carbon paper, simplifying the process of creating multiple copies of quotations. Specifically designed for recording quotations, price estimates, or bids, allowing businesses or professionals to provide detailed cost breakdowns to clients or customers. The book likely offers a structured format for recording important information such as item descriptions, quantities, pricing, terms, and conditions for each quotation. Allows for organized and consistent record-keeping of quotations, making it easier to refer to previous estimates or track client interactions. The carbonless feature ensures that each quotation or estimate written leaves a duplicate copy, facilitating record-keeping and providing a copy for both the customer and the business. Overall, a Quotation Book Carbonless with these specifications offers a practical and efficient solution for businesses or professionals involved in providing detailed quotations or estimates, allowing for easy duplication and organized record-keeping of pricing information for clients or customers.




  • Size: A4
  • Dimension: 210 x 297mm
  • Page: 100
  • Leaf: 50


SKU: 7002826
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