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Invoice and statement books that are carbonless with 100 pages or 50 leaves are crucial for maintaining a record of transactions, providing receipts, and keeping accurate financial records for both sellers and buyers involved in the transaction. They're commonly used in retail, service industries, freelancing, and various businesses where immediate duplicate copies of invoices or statements are necessary for record-keeping and customer service. The book's size is 200 x 125mm, which indicates a smaller, more portable format. This size is convenient for on-the-go use, allowing it to be easily stored or carried. The book contains 100 pages, resulting in 50 leaves. Each leaf represents a set of original and duplicate copies - one top page for writing and an immediate duplicate copy underneath, thanks to the carbonless paper. Carbonless paper eliminates the need for a separate carbon sheet. When pressure is applied while writing on the top page, the impressions are transferred to the underlying page, creating a duplicate without the mess associated with traditional carbon paper. These books are commonly used by businesses, freelancers, service providers, or individuals to create immediate duplicate copies of invoices and statements. They are vital for providing receipts of transactions or maintaining a record of financial transactions. Some invoice and statement books come with pre-printed serial numbers or sequential numbering on each page for easy tracking and reference, aiding in record-keeping and organization. Many books have perforated edges or a detachable stub, allowing for easy separation of the original invoice or statement from its duplicate, simplifying distribution or filing.  The smaller size makes these books portable and suitable for businesses that require on-the-spot invoice creation, such as service professionals, small vendors, or contractors.




  • Dimension: 200 x 125mm
  • Page: 100
  • Leaf: 50


SKU: 7001235
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