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A receipt book that is carbonless duplicate with 50 leaves typically refers to a bound booklet designed for creating duplicate copies of receipts. These receipt books use special carbonless paper that doesn’t require a separate carbon sheet to create duplicates. When pressure is applied while writing on the top page, the impressions are transferred to the underlying pages, creating an immediate duplicate copy without the mess associated with traditional carbon paper. Receipt books are commonly used by businesses, vendors, service providers, or individuals involved in transactions. They serve as a record-keeping tool to issue receipts for goods sold or services rendered while maintaining a copy for the seller and the buyer. Carbonless duplicate receipt books offer the convenience of producing immediate copies without the need for additional carbon sheets or copying devices. This simplifies the receipt creation process, saving time and effort. These receipt books are crucial for maintaining a paper trail of transactions, providing proof of purchase, and keeping accurate financial records for both buyers and sellers involved in the transaction. They're commonly used in retail, service industries, and other businesses where immediate duplicate copies of receipts are necessary. Offers enough pages for creating lists or checklists for various purposes. The smaller dimensions and higher page count within a relatively compact size make this booklet versatile for numerous uses, especially those requiring portability or a concise space for writing or recording information.




  • Dimension: 100 x 125mm
  • Page: 100
  • Leaf: 50


SKU: 7004004
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