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Pizza Boxes

SKU: PB91214
  • Featuring a small opening tab design with a tough and rigid construction, these pack of 100 compostable plain pizza boxes will protect your pizzas from knocks while keeping them hotter and tasting better for longer. Perfect for any pizzeria, retaurant or takeaway, these pizza boxes have a tough corrugated construction which is designed to reduce heat flow and protect the contents until delivery to your customer.

    Made from recycled paper and renewable nature fibre. Suitable for 14" - 12" - 9" pizzas, the plain design is also a fantastic oppurtunity to businesses to stamp their own branding and messaging on the boxes. Create memorable advertising and see your repeat custom increase.

    • Material cardboard
    • Made from recycled paper and renewable natural fibre
    • Ideal for pizzerias and takeaways
    • Simple push-and-tuck design
    • Strong corrugated construction
    • Small opening tab design keeps pizzas hotter for longer
    • Plain design perfect for labelling with your own branding
    • For L-M-S pizzas
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