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      Luxor Mechanical Pencil Lead 0.7MM Box 10

      SKU: 10006/10BX
      • Luxor Hi-Polymer lead refills resist breaking and are super strong. They provide smooth, uniform marking for your everyday writing and with reduced spreading. The lead length is standard 60 mm. Refill any 0.7 mm mechanical pencil with this lead. The thickness of this lead is 0.7 mm and will fit all 0.7 mm mechanical pencils regardless of the mechanical pencil brand. These lead refills come with 10 leads per tube for convenience and it makes it easier to carry the mechanical pencil leads with you so you can refill the mechanical pencil. Ideal for students, offices, engineers, and draftsmen who use mechanical pencils with 0.7 mm lead. These leads are formulated to write uniformly and smoothly for all day writing and breakage resistance. Each dispenser was designed with consideration for convenience and simplicity resulting in exacting and effortless dispensing.


        • 0.7 mm mechanical pencil refills
        • HB 60 mm length (graphite color)
        • Works with any 0.7 mm mechanical pencil
        • Resists breaking
        • Fine quality, preferred by artists.
        • Ideal for draftsmen, sketching, drawing
        • The pack contains 10 leads.
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