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      SKU: 6190/6BOX
      • The Luxor jumbo Markers are kids favorite, long lasting & versatile markers that come in 6 brilliant colors. The colors don’t bleed through most of the papers, are washable and non-toxic. Ventilated safety cap to prevent choking. Ideal for coloring large areas, making diagrams, broad coloring & drawing. These fun, versatile and long-lasting Luxor jumbo markers contain water based, non-toxic ink, which is washable from most fabrics. Great for bold colouring and drawing, the markers are ideal for classroom use. Broad, durable tips are great for bold strokes of color and can sustain heavy pressure when coloring. Put your imaginations into reality, kids fun colouring and gifting segment, this kit allows child to choose from wide range of types and colours to colour his drawings and create master pieces. See your child's arts and crafts projects come to life with the outright best materials for young artists.


        • 6 different shades
        • Jumbo markers ideal for colouring
        • Extra broad tip for broad colouring
        • Washable from skin, clothing, and painted walls
        • AP Certified nontoxic.
        • vivid colours and extra broad tip
        • Great coloring supplies for kids, ages 3 & up.
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