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      SKU: 34400/6WT
      • Glass Markers are paint markers that are dedicated to being used on glass, windows, and similar surfaces. A large bullet tip creates thin and thick lines. Glass Marker by Luxor is a specially engineered, smooth-marking liquid paint formula that creates temporary radiant marks on glass. Transform windows and mirrors into an artistic painting with our glass markers. The marker easily washes from skin and most clothing. Glass Marker is bright fluorescent colors is washable with soap & warm water. Manufactured to write on glass or any porous surface. Brilliant for use in cafes, pubs, restaurants, gift shops, school, offices. You can use water, glass cleaner, all-purpose cleaner or liquid dish soap to wash the surface. After washing, the surface should be wiped with a dry towel to remove the residue. They can also be used on items like rocks, glass, and much more. Kids can feel free to use these Luxor markers for words, pictures, and drawings, while adults can use them for glass writing or as car window markers. This 6-count marker set comes with an assortment of colors for creating opaque, vibrant designs. Formulated with washable ink, stray smudges are easy to clean from skin and most washable clothing. Mum and Dad don’t worry, the markers are kid safe, odor free and easily dry erase off glass and mirrors with a tissue or cloth.


        • Fluorescent Glass Marker
        • Pack of 6 Pcs
        • Tip Design: Round Tip
        • Valve action nib
        • Marker Type: Glass Marker
        • Bullet Tip
        • Ventilated safety cap
        • Wet Erase
        • Use Damp Cloth
        • Washable
        • For neon marking on glass, boards, and mirrors.
        • Recap the marker tightly after use.
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