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      FINE WRITER 045

      SKU: 15300/20ACT
      • Luxor Fine Writer pen is appropriate for writing on paper, drawing, sketches, drawings in sketchbook and drawings on craft paper. Features strong polyacetal tip from Japan for smooth writing. Considered as the best pen for improving handwriting. Experience consistent writing pleasure. Stainless steel clip & metal adaptor for durability. The fine writer features an innovative tip, a cushioned point ensures complete writing comfort and a particularly smooth writing experience, making it a true alternative to writing with a fountain pen. Capillary pens Luxor fine writer write a very thin uniform line, leaving a clear and contrasting trace. The tip is made of hard plastic, which ensures the same thickness of the lines at different slopes of the handle, the line remains thin and smooth with a long letter. The feature of capillary pens is the ability to adjust to the force of pressure, because of which the tension on the hand when writing is not felt. Light-resistant water-based ink does not fade under the influence of sunlight and is easily washed off clothes. These pens Luxor up to 7 days do not dry without a cap, and with a closed cap for 10 hours completely restore their properties. Ink instantly dries on paper, so the inscriptions and drawings are not smeared. Draw brightly and write softly with Luxor capillary pens.


        • Japanese 0.8 mm polyacetal tip with metal adapter
        • Water based ink.
        • Color: black, blue, red, orange, purple, green, brown, yellow, light green, pink,
        • Suitable for writing, signing & fine drawing.
        • Writing knot diameter 0.8mm.
        • Line Width .45 mm
        • Non-Smudging.
        • Writing length 1000 Meters.
        • Available in 20 Vibrant colors.
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