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Eyeye Roller Ball Pen, Red, 0.5mm - Box 12

  • EYEYE, WRITING WITH HEART. EYEYE is a professional brand to produce high level writing instruments, aiming at providing superior function, excellent performance and great writing experience to customers. EYEYE offers high technology of free ink system products, including free ink rollers. EYEYE allows you to enjoy the super smooth writing journey. EYEYE owns the high-performance ink technology which combines the best quality of ink and tip for a smoother writing experience than normal ball pens. Pens offer a large and visible ink supply for a longer writing capacity than normal gel pens. The fine tip 0.5mm needle tip can get more precise writing lines and the bold tip 0.5mm can get more comfortable writing feelings. The ink dries super-fast. No smears, no smudges, no globs. EYEYE is keen on protecting the environment and always consider using green material. The factory has ISO14001 certificate and requires the supplier to follow the regulation and rule of the government on environment production.


    • Brand Name: EYEYE
    • Colour: Red
    • Tip: 0.5mm
    • Arrow Tip
    • Pack of 12 pens
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