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    SKU: 4281/1BC
    • Correct your mistakes without anybody finding out. Introducing Erasable Highlighter with unique formula that allows you to erase and re-highlight cleanly. No more damaged books! The erasable highlighters give you unrestricted do-overs without destroying the page. The Erasable Highlighter leaves no traces after being erased. Its smooth, mistake-free marking benefits teachers, students, parents, and professionals alike. An adjustable tip between 1mm and 4mm allows for you to customize your technique as per your needs. Thanks to erasable highlighter, now you don't have to worry about making any mistakes and breaking out the whiteout. You can just erase and get another pass at it. Save paper. No reviews The highlighter has a chisel tip that makes it easy to highlight large portions of text. On the other end of the highlighter is a clear liquid eraser. If you make a mistake highlighting textbooks, academic planners, or calendars this highlighter eraser will erase without a trace. The ink is acid-free and non-toxic.


      • Chisel Tip for Fine and Broad Line
      • Hydrocarbon Tip for Smooth and Clear Marking on Paper, Copy and Fax
      • Suitable For Paper, Copy and Fax
      • Suitable For Everyday Use in The Office, School, and Home
      • Color after highlighted can be erased with erasable ink end.
      • Non-toxic
      • Washable
      • Ventilated safety cap
      • Recap When Not in Use
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