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      SKU: 15600/12BOX
      • The Luxor Click Rite Mechanical Pencil is ideal for writing, drawing, and drafting. This pencil features an easy push button, convenient pocket clip and built in eraser. Our range of mechanical pencils combine both design and performance. Luxor pencils deliver functional performance at an affordable price. This retractable mechanical pencil is great for everyday drawing and writing as it features a ridged grip for effortless writing. Each pencil has a latex-free eraser built into the end so you can fix mistakes as you go and a pocket clip which makes it easy to carry with you. Cushioned lead for high level of break resistance. Made from 73% recycled materials making them eco- friendly. The leads are made from natural raw materials and are completely PVC-free. Luxor uses advanced graphite technology to manufacture high class mechanical pencils. Using a mechanical pencil is very easy and not very technical. All you must do is push the button at the end of the pencil to let the lead help you write on paper. So, there are many benefits of switching to a mechanical pencil. A mechanical pencil is an eco-friendly choice and could be your small contribution to saving nature.


        • Quantity: 12 per pack
        • The pencils are compatible with 0.5 mm sized leads.
        • Metal lead adopter with 0.5 mm tip for effortless writing.
        • Rubberized comfort grip
        • Built in eraser with cap.
        • Easy Pocketability
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