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Chairmat Clear Low Pile Keyhole Polycarbonate - 1140x1350 mm

SKU: 2391392
  • Whether working at home or in the office, your floors really need protection from the damage that can be caused, this polycarbonate chairmat protection floor mat is thick enough to offer a protection solution for hard floor. The chairmat is ideal for protecting carpet from chair caster damage and general wear and tear. It provides a smooth riding surface for easy mobility while in the chair. Appropriate for your desk, this strong durable chairmat is best suited to the office or home study area. The super smooth surface allows users to slide on, off and around with ease and the notched stud design ensures carpet grips for essential stability. Easy to clean, you just need to wipe it with a cloth, and it will be clean.


    • Mats are 1140x1350 mm.
    • Glass clear chairmatSuitable on carpet floors
    • Folds for transport and storage

    Please note that pickup by customers is available and the delivery would be COD through Australia Post.

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