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A4 Exercise Books Ruled 8MM 70GSM Premium Paper 64 Pages

SKU: 4878012
  • The exercise book is in the A4 size format, providing ample space for writing and drawing. The paper used in the exercise book is 70gsm, which offers a good balance between thickness and weight, providing a sturdy yet lightweight feel. The ruling style in the exercise book follows the Feint Rule, which is a specific line pattern commonly used in Queensland, Australia. This ruling style provides a guideline for neat and consistent handwriting. This exercise book is designed specifically for students, aligning with their curriculum and handwriting development needs. The exercise book includes a margin, providing a designated space on the left-hand side of each page. This margin can be used for marginal notes, highlighting key points, or drawing attention to specific content. The exercise book contains a total of 64 pages, offering enough space for various writing and drawing activities throughout the school year. Whether it's for practicing handwriting, completing assignments, or jotting down notes, the Exercise Book A4, 70gsm, Feint Rule, Margin, with 64 pages is specifically designed to meet the needs of students. Its size, ruling style, margin, and page count make it a suitable choice for educational purposes, helping students develop their handwriting skills and stay organized.


    Size: A4

    Paper Weight: 70gsm (grams per square meter)

    Rule Type: Feint Rule

    Margin: Yes

    Number of Pages: 64

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