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    SKU: 3640/6CS
    • Luxor White Board Care uses NANO technology which is all about going small on size and huge on performance. It easily removes permanent marker inks from the white board surfaces. It is quick and easy to use and extremely safe. This 2 in 1 product not only cleans the surface of the board but also protects from dust & dirt. Ink formula is non-toxic and erases cleanly off-white board and dry erase boards. For optimal results, use it on non-porous surfaces like whiteboards, dry erase boards, mirrors, glass, plastics, and more! It is a cost-effective cleaning solution as daily usage is not required; once cleaned, the whiteboard remains looking new for 15 days. Regular use of the cleaning solution also helps to prolong the lifespan of the Whiteboard. The care kit comes with a Whiteboard cleaner bottle and a duster. It can be used for up to 100 washes. This whiteboard cleaner removes old stains and markings and creates a shiny surface on your whiteboard. Makes great gifts for students, office workers, and warehouse employees. In fact, it is a great gift for anyone that needs a great set of whiteboard markers for writing and working.


      • 4 dry erase Marker 120 (Blue, Black, Red, Green)
      • Bullet tip
      • Line width: 1-2mm
      • 1 White Board Cleaner 100 ML
      • 1 Duster
      • Non-Toxic
      • Clean erase
      • Vivid colours
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