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Triangular Scale Ruler

  • A triangular scale is a 3 lobed cross section with 6 different types of scale on the edges used for measuring and preparing scale drawings such as blueprints and maps. Triangular scale is a stylish rule suitable for architects. This 30 cm triangular scale is made of white plastic with precision divisions and has color coded sides of red and yellow. Dimensions are in (cm) and (m) for easier working. Ideal for plan drawers, architects, workshop, toolbox, home crafts, hobbyists, modelers, draughtsman, joiners, cabinet makers, cardmaking, graphic designers. An architect's scale is a specialized ruler designed to facilitate the drafting and measuring of architectural drawings, such as floor plans and orthographic projections. Because the scale of such drawings is often smaller than life-size, an architect's scale features multiple units of length and proportional length increments.


    • Measuring Range: 30cm
    • Material: Plastic
    • Colur: White
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