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      STICK BALL PEN - Blue BOX 100

      SKU: 1232/100BX
      • We offer enhanced quality Luxor Stick ball pens which are made from superior quality raw material to display improved features. These stick ball point pens are comprised of several features including strong pocket clip, slim and smooth barrel, ultra-low viscosity ink, comfortable grip for effortless writing. Ball pen ink has the manifestation that it can write on practically any surface because, if it can grab the surface, the ball will roll, and ink will be applied. To meet the necessities of our clients, we are offering these products in several vivid colors, designs, and stylish shapes. Luxor pens are suitable for precision writing, signing, and more. These pens are reliable and perfect for general use at home, school, or the office. The best part about bulk order pens is that they’re cost-effective and embody a tremendous return on investment regarding your marketing strategy. Whether it is during a meeting, at an event or when their hands are full, bulk ordering pens means never having to worry about where their pens are. With so many pens always on hand and ready to go, there will be no more forgetting to bring a pen, freeing up more of their brainpower for other things. Buying in bulk also makes things more convenient by saving your business from having to buy new pens every time one runs out.


        • Colour: Blue
        • Box of 100
        • Specially designed for signing and writing
        • Ultra-low viscosity ink
        • Comfort grip for effortless writing
        • Perfect for daily use in the office. home, school student project assignments
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