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Single Hole Plastic Barrel Sharpeners

SKU: 66545700

  • Always keep your pencils sharpened and ready for use with this pencil sharpener. It has a large barrel to hold your shavings, so you don't have to go to the bin every time you sharpen your pencil. The barrel is transparent so you can see how full it is. This single hole sharpener is suitable for standard size pencils. The size of this sharpener is designed to effortlessly fit into most pencil cases and pouches. They are of light weight and easy to carry around. The plastic barrel is highly durable and sturdy, while the metal blade is very sharp and long lasting to provide smooth and consistent sharpening. The pencil is always held in place correctly by the blade to provide maximum stability. It’s an ideal choice for sharpening the point for creative work, for artist, adult, child at school, office, home etc.


    • Sharp steel blades
    • Suitable for all standard pencils
    • Barrel to collect pencil shavings
    • Translucent container
    • Anti- Temper Screw
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