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School Desk Caddy

  • Caddies are great for your movable storage needs. Classroom supplies, cleaning supplies, art & craft materials, utensils, and more are neatly stored and easily delivered where they are needed. Comfortable carrying handles ensure a secure grip for bringing supplies through the classroom or office. A lightweight, plastic desk caddy that will truly help to minimize any school desk clutter and free up desk space. Grab the comfort grip handle and take supplies where needed. Great for art and crafts, writing supplies, game pieces, etc. Washable and dishwasher safe, so you can clean and use again and again. Ideal for teachers, students, teens & children in the school classroom or teacher's desk. Not only is this great artifact to have at home for kitchen uses, but also, works perfectly as a desk or bathroom organizer. Store any item you would like to keep handy basically anywhere.


    • Dimension: 9cm x 21cm x 23cm
    • Colour Option: Green, Yellow, Red, Blue and Pink
    • 3 compartments, 1 large (8-inch long 3.5 wide) and 2 smalls (3.5-inch square)
    • Comfort grip handle
    • Impact resistant plastic
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