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The Premier Retractable Ballpoint Pen in red ink, with a 1.0 mm tip size and sold in a pack of 25, serves various uses and comes with several advantages. Perfect for everyday writing tasks such as note-taking, jotting down ideas, or making lists. Ideal for office environments, writing reports, filling out forms, or any professional documentation where a neat and clear writing instrument is required. Suitable for students for taking notes, writing essays, or completing assignments. Great for personal journals, letter writing, or any personal writing activities. A pack of 25 pens ensures a substantial supply for a longer duration, reducing the frequency of needing to restock. Buying pens in bulk is often more cost-effective than purchasing them individually. Known for delivering consistent and reliable performance, ensuring smooth and clear writing without smudging or skipping. Offers versatility for various writing tasks due to its medium 1.0 mm tip size and red ink color. Red ink provides a classic and professional appearance to documents and is widely accepted in business and official settings. The Premier Retractable Ballpoint Pen in red ink, when bought in a pack of 25, offers a cost-effective solution, plenty of supply, and a reliable, smooth writing experience suitable for various settings and purposes.




  • Ink Color: Red
  • Tip Size: 1.0 mm
  • Type: Retractable Ballpoint Pen
  • Packaging: Pack of 25 pens
  • Writing Type: Ballpoint
  • Writing Width: Medium (1.0 mm)
  • Ink Type: Oil-based or water-based ink

Premier Retractable Ballpoint Pen Red 1.0 mm Pack 25

SKU: 7000787 RD
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