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The pocketbook’s top spiral binding allows for easy flipping of pages and writing without obstruction, making it versatile for a wide range of purposes that require quick and convenient notetaking or documentation while maintaining a degree of organization. Notebooks are used for writing, note-taking, sketching, or any other personal or professional purposes. The pages are bound together using a spiral wire along the top edge of the notebook, allowing for easy flipping, and writing without obstruction. The pages have horizontal lines, guiding writing for neatness and alignment. Line Size 8mm Indicates the spacing between each ruled line, giving an idea of how widely spaced the lines are. The cover is adorned with an Aboriginal motif, likely referring to indigenous Australian art or design. Its smaller size allows it to be easily carried in a pocket, purse, or bag, making it convenient for notetaking on-the-go. The spiral binding offers durability, allowing the notebook to lay flat when open and making it easier to write without the book snapping shut. The ruled layout provides structure for neater writing or drawing. The cover design with an Aboriginal motif may add a unique and culturally significant aesthetic appeal to the notebook. The 70gsm paper weight strikes a balance between being lightweight and durable enough for everyday use. It can serve as a travel journal to record travel experiences, itineraries, and memories while on the go.




  • Type: Notebook
  • Binding: Spiral Bound
  • Paper Weight: 70gsm
  • Layout: Ruled
  • Line Size: 8mm
  • Page: 96 pages
  • Paper Colour: White
  • Cover Colour: Aboriginal motif


SKU: 7107611
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