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The "Cash Voucher Pad 50 Leaf" designed as a petty cash book, is intended for recording, and tracking small cash transactions or expenses. Petty cash refers to a small amount of discretionary funds that an organization or individual holds for minor expenses. The cash voucher pad is likely used to record these transactions. Its compact size is suitable for keeping it in a desk drawer, cash box, or other convenient locations. With 50 leaves, the cash voucher pad provides space for recording up to 50 petty cash transactions. This is useful for maintaining a record over time without the need for frequent replacements. This can be practical for organizations that have several petty cash locations or departments that need separate records. The top opening design makes it easy to tear off a sheet from the pad when needed. It's a practical choice for quick and convenient access, especially when transactions are being recorded on the spot. Each voucher likely includes spaces for details such as the date, purpose of the expense, amount, and any additional notes. This helps in organizing and categorizing petty cash expenditures. The cash voucher pad serves as a tool for tracking how petty cash is spent. It provides a transparent and accountable way to monitor small expenses without the need for more complex accounting processes. At the end of a specific period or when the petty cash fund needs replenishing, the recorded transactions on the cash vouchers can be reconciled to ensure that the fund aligns with the recorded expenses.




  • Type: Petty cash book
  • Dimension: 100 x 120mm
  • Leaf: 50
  • Pack of 5
  • Opening: Top


SKU: 7008849
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