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A carbon docket book with 50 leaves is a type of book designed for keeping records of transactions or exchanges, often used in businesses or for personal record-keeping. The pages in this docket book are white in color, providing a clean background for writing and recording information. Each page in the book will have a header section where you can input the date, recipient ("To"), and sender ("From") information. This helps organize and identify each entry. There are spaces or sections for 25 separate entries per page. Pages in the book are numbered, which aids in organization and referencing specific entries. This book is not carbonless, meaning that the entries made on one page will not duplicate onto another page beneath it automatically. Each set consists of 2 pages. This might imply that each entry made on one page of the set will have a corresponding duplicate on the second page of the set.

There are 25 sets in total, implying there are 25 pairs of pages (50 pages in total). This reiterates that there are 50 individual pages in this book. The size of each page is 200mm in width and 125mm in height. The purpose of this specific docket book is to provide a structured format for recording transactions or exchanges. With designated sections for date, recipient, sender, and multiple entries per page, it's an organized way to keep track of various transactions. While this book does not have carbonless copies, it allows for recording multiple copies of the same transaction in a systematic manner, providing a paper trail of exchanges or dealings.




  • Page Colours: White
  • Page header: Date, To, From
  • Docket Entries: 25
  • Page Numbered: Yes
  • Carbonless: No
  • Page per Set: 2
  • Sets: 25
  • Total pages: 50
  • Dimension: 200 x 125mm


SKU: 7045566
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