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Premier HB Pencils with Eraser & Sharpener Pack 20

SKU: 10005406
  • The premier range of products are guaranteed to perform. The premier HB pencils feature a hexangular barrel for comfortable grip which reduces writing stress. The lead is of high quality which makes it break resistance hence allows for consistent and smooth writing. These Pencils are apt for drawing, writing and drafting. The lead is of 4B grading which allows for steady and smooth writing. They sharpen easily and are very comfortable to write with. The fact that they come with an eraser and sharpener is useful. These pencils are made only from re-grown timber plantation hence making them environment friendly and sustainable.


    • Quantity: 20 per pack
    • Lead Grade: HB
    • Barrel: Hexangular
    • Complimentary Sharpener and Eraser.
    • Hexangular grip for fatigue free writing
    • Pencils made only from re-grown timber plantation
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
    • Easy to sharpen and erase
    • High resistance to breakage
    • Non-Toxic
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