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The "HARDCOVER NOTEBOOK GRID 160 PAGE" is versatile and well-suited for users who require precision in their work, whether it be technical, mathematical, or design related. Its durable construction and ample page count make it suitable for various professional, educational, and personal applications. The higher paper weight (100gsm) suggests a thicker and more durable paper, providing a premium feel to the notebook. This weight is suitable for various writing instruments, including pens, pencils, and markers. The larger dimensions provide ample space for detailed notes, sketches, or diagrams. The grid layout is ideal for users who require precision in their notes, sketches, or calculations. The 5mm grid size is a moderate size, providing a balance between fine detail and overall page coverage. It's suitable for various applications, from technical drawings to general notetaking. With 160 pages (80 leaves), this notebook provides a substantial amount of space for detailed work or long-term projects. It's suitable for users who need a notebook with more pages for extensive notetaking or for organizing different sections of information. The twin spiral binding allows the notebook to lay flat when open, providing a convenient and accessible writing surface. It also ensures durability, as spiral bindings are less prone to wear, and tear compared to traditional glued bindings. The grid layout is excellent for design work, allowing for accurate proportions and alignment in sketches or drawings. The grid pattern is beneficial for organizing data, making it useful for individuals working on data analysis, charts, or graphs. The notebook's size and grid layout make it suitable for project planning, organizing tasks, and creating timelines. The notebook's durable hardcover and ample pages make it suitable for long-term journaling or documenting experiences.




  • Paper Weight: 100gsm
  • Size: A4
  • Dimension: 210 x 297mm
  • Layout: Grid
  • Grid Size: 5mm
  • Page: 160
  • Leaf: 80
  • Binding Type: Twin Spiral


SKU: 7054976
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