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A "Grid Book 96 Page 55gsm" is a notebook designed with a grid layout for various purposes, including drawing, sketching, technical drawings, or any application where a grid pattern is useful. The notebook has a compact size, measuring 175mm in width and 225mm in height, making it convenient for carrying and use. The pages inside the notebook have a grid pattern, which consists of horizontal and vertical lines forming squares. This layout is versatile and can be used for various purposes, including technical drawings, diagrams, or simply organizing information in a structured manner. The grid pattern has squares with a size of 5mm, indicating the distance between each grid line. This measurement helps determine the level of detail in drawings or the spacing of information. The notebook contains 96 pages, providing a substantial amount of space for drawings, sketches, or other uses. Each sheet in the notebook is considered a leaf, and with 96 pages, there are 48 leaves in total. This information is often used in the context of printing and binding. The pages are held together by staples. Stapled binding is common for notebooks, providing a simple and effective way to keep the pages secure. This type of grid book is versatile and can be used for a range of activities, including drawing, sketching, technical drafting, and organizing information in a structured manner. The 5mm grid size is a common choice for balancing detail and overall layout. The compact size and stapled binding make it easy to carry and use for various purposes.




  • Paper Weight: 55gsm
  • Dimension: 175 x 225mm
  • Layout: Grid
  • Grid Size: 5mm
  • Page: 96
  • Leaf: 48
  • Binding Type: Stapled


SKU: 7038549
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