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Premier Foldback Clips 32 MM - Box 12

SKU: 18805299
  • Premier Foldback clips are used to bind sheets of papers together. These foldback clips are usually used in place of the paper clip for large volumes of paper. The premier foldback clips are made from high quality tough steel which won’t rust. The clips will help you to save space in your filing system. Premier foldback clips guarantee you the best quality in the market. It comes in black metal finish with chrome lever handles. Foldback clips are made from high and durable steel. Strong body hold papers tightly, thick durable handles for easy release of contents. Spring-tight clip keeps files bound together preventing papers from slipping or pulling out, tempered steel construction provides extra strong hold. It keeps the paper intact and can be removed easily, unlike the staple. The 32mm clip size is great to clip together a small number of documents and the black colour maintains a professional appearance. You can easily flip the handles up for hanging and fold down flat for storage.


    • Measure: 32 mm
    • Quantity: 12 clips per box
    • No punching or piercing of documents
    • Does not destroy documents
    • Leaves No Marks of Binding
  • The minimum order quantity is 120 boxes.

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