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    Premier Erasers Box of 20

    SKU: 18801868
    • No one is perfect that’s why we have erasers. The Premier Pencil Eraser is latex-free so that you don’t worry about skin sensitivities or allergies. Our quality premier pencil eraser is perfect for erasing or correcting mistakes while drawing or writing. It comes in a sliding sleeve to keep it safe when not in use. This eraser is soft and smooth, erases gently without damaging the paper. This quality PVC free pencil eraser is ideal for paper, tracing paper or drafting film.

      • 60mm x 21mm x 10mm
      • Available in a box of 20.
      • PVC free Ideal for paper, tracing paper or drafting film.
      • Large Eraser with paper sleeve and individually wrapped
      • Soft easy clean
      • Dust Free Large
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