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Document Wallet FC Size With Gusset Hook & Loop Closure

SKU: 18805393
  • Premier Document Wallets are ideal for keeping paperwork and documents close to hand and for storing them securely and damage free. Document files are the perfect accessory when it comes to your filing and for protecting your paperwork. Perfect for use within the office, students at school, university, or at home. These are lightweight and durable so you don’t have to worry about your contents being damaged and with the 30mm gusset capacity, these will hold up to 300 sheets of paper. The clear plastic files not only look good but are durable, practical and perfect for all your document storage or filing requirements.


    • Durable and tear resistant foolscap document wallets.
    • Features a 30mm gusset
    •  Hook & Loop Closure to secure documents secure inside.
    • Handy Card Pocket for Personalization on the front easy identification contents.
    • They have a durable construction which protects your documents from damage.
    • Clear Transparent Wallets
    • The transparent design makes it easy to identify the documents inside
    • Holds 300 pages.
    • Comes in Pack of 12 Wallets
    • Item Code: 18805393
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