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"ECO Exercise Book A4" with dotted thirds lie in its support for handwriting development and foundational literacy skills among young learners or individuals needing structured guidance for writing. The larger line size and ample space provided by the A4 size contribute to creating a comfortable and supportive environment for early writing practice and skill development. The dotted thirds layout with a larger line size (18mm) is particularly beneficial for young learners or individuals with fine motor skill challenges, providing ample space and guidance for forming letters and practicing handwriting. Suitable for children in the early stages of primary education, this exercise book supports the development of fundamental writing skills by offering structured guidelines for writing within the dotted thirds. The layout assists in teaching proper letter and number formation, encouraging consistent sizing, shape, and spacing in writing. Engaging with the dotted thirds can assist in improving fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and precision in writing among young learners or individuals who need additional support in writing. The structured layout provides a foundation for literacy skills, aiding children in organizing their writing and improving legibility as they practice. The specific design aligns with educational objectives aimed at early writing skills, ensuring children practice writing in a structured and organized manner. Teachers or parents can adapt various educational activities, including spelling practice, language exercises, creative writing, or early math concepts, using the dotted thirds layout as a framework. The dotted thirds offer a consistent template for practicing writing, helping individuals maintain uniformity and neatness in their handwriting.




  • Type: Exercise Book
  • Binding: Stapled
  • Paper Weight: 70gsm
  • Size: A4
  • Dimension: 210 x 297mm
  • Layout: Dotted Thirds
  • Line Size: 18mm
  • Page: 96
  • Leaf: 48
  • Paper Colour: White


SKU: 7107515
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