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A restaurant docket book is used in the hospitality industry to take orders, manage tables, and keep track of customer details. It helps servers or waitstaff to organize and take orders efficiently. The layout, with specific sections for table number, people, date, time, and server, allows for clear and concise order recording. The carbonless pages allow for instant duplication of orders. This is beneficial for keeping records of orders both in the kitchen for food preparation and at the front for billing purposes. With page numbering and clear layout, it becomes easier to track orders, especially during peak hours. Servers can refer to previous orders quickly if needed. It assists in providing better customer service by maintaining accurate information about the customers, their table preferences, and their orders. The format and design of the docket book streamline the order-taking process, reducing errors in communication between servers and kitchen staff. The compact size (93 x 165mm) makes it easy for servers to carry around while taking orders. Its portability is essential in a fast-paced restaurant environment. Having 25 sets (50 pages) allows for long-term use before needing replacement, ensuring continuous availability of order dockets. Overall, a well-designed restaurant docket book simplifies the order-taking process, improves organization, and contributes to smoother operations in a restaurant setting.




  • Page Colour: White (top), Yellow (Bottom)
  • Page header: Table number, Persons, Date, Time, Server
  • Docket Entries: 17
  • Page Numbered: Yes
  • Carbonless: Yes
  • Page per Set: 2
  • Sets: 25
  • Total pages: 50
  • Dimension: 93 x 165mm


SKU: 7045556
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