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A carbonless record book serves as a useful tool for recording various types of information in a clear and organized manner. Its feature allows for the creation of duplicate copies without the need for carbon paper. When writing on the top page, the pressure transfers the writing onto subsequent pages, creating an instant duplicate. This is beneficial for creating multiple copies of important records simultaneously. The record book provides a structured format for recording information. Each page typically has designated sections or columns, making it easier to record specific details in an organized manner. The pre-printed sections or columns help ensure that all necessary information is captured accurately and consistently. This reduces the chances of missing or incorrect data entries. These books can serve various purposes depending on the design of the columns or sections. They can be used for inventory management, sales records, expense tracking, order logs, appointment schedules, or any other documentation requiring duplicates. Using a structured record book lends a professional appearance to the recorded information. The structured format of the record book saves time by providing a clear template to fill in information quickly and efficiently. This is especially useful in busy work environments. Carbonless paper maintains a clean and neat record, preventing smudging or smearing of duplicated information, resulting in clear and legible copies. Overall, a carbonless record book provides a reliable and efficient method for recording and maintaining important information, offering duplication of records, structure, and organization for various purposes in business, administration, or personal record-keeping.




  • Dimension: 250 x 200mm
  • Page: 100
  • Leaf: 50


SKU: 7008916
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