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A "Record Book Carbonless Triplicate 50 Leaf 200 x 125mm" is a specific type of book used for recording information, producing immediate triplicate copies of written or printed entries without the use of carbon paper. Allows for the creation of three identical copies of each entry simultaneously without the need for carbon paper, providing instant record duplicates. It produces clean, high-quality duplicates, ensuring clarity and readability across all copies. Saves time by generating multiple copies instantly, making it suitable for tasks requiring multiple records such as transaction logs, inventory tracking, or any documentation requiring immediate duplicates. The triplicate format allows for distribution of copies among various parties involved in the documentation process, ensuring everyone has an identical copy of the information. Valuable across different industries for various purposes including transaction recording, sales records, inventory management, and more. Carbonless triplicate books help in minimizing errors or discrepancies as all copies are produced simultaneously, reducing the chances of mismatched or missing records. The medium-sized dimensions offer a balance between portability and sufficient writing space, making it practical for various work environments. These types of carbonless triplicate books find applications in businesses that require immediate, multiple copies of records, receipts, invoices, transaction logs, or any documentation where maintaining identical records is essential. They streamline the documentation process, provide instant record duplication, and aid in maintaining accurate and organized records across different operations.




  • Dimension: 200 x 125mm
  • Page: 100
  • Leaf: 50


SKU: 7006026
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